r/SFGiants Network

r/SFGiants, one of the largest and most trafficked San Francisco Giants discussion and community forums, has grown greatly since it was founded in 2010.

As you can see with this website and network of forums (or, ‘subreddits’ on Reddit.com), Giants fans and friendly commenters could not contain their excitement to just one place.

If you wish to participate in this community (Reddit), you should see a ‘sign up’ button in the top right of your screen.  No e-mail is required.

r/SFGiants — The main hub for baseball related discussion.  You should read the sidebar rules if it’s your first time visiting!

r/SFGSocial — A social hangout for Giants fans, Bay Area residents, and people around the world.  It’s used for non-baseball related discussion, although plenty of that occurs in the daily threads in r/SFGiants.

r/SFGiantsCircleJerk — The provocative title for this tongue-in-cheek forum relates to the tendency for any community to become self-referential and make fun of itself given enough time.

r/SFGGifs — A place to submit your favorite Giants gifs and maybe find one that you’ve been looking for.

r/SFGPolls — A varied collection of fun / baseball related polls from the community.